Open House: Justin Smith Morrill State Historic Site


Presented by the Friends of the Morrill Homestead and Vermont Division for Historic Preservation

Sunday, June 11, 2:00pm-4:00pm
Morrill Historic Buildings, Gardens & Grounds

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2:00-3:00pm: Vermont’s Musical Ladies: Singer and researcher Linda Radtke, joined by pianist Arthur Zorn, explores the contributions of Vermont women to the traditions of parlor songs, women’s club music contests and social reform efforts. Oceana Judah, Diane Martin, Edwina Flint and Helen Hartness Flanders represent the richness and invention of the female composers included in the sheet music collection of the Vermont Historical Society. Abolition, child welfare, temperance, the patriotism of war heroes and the concerns of those left at home during times of war captured the hearts of these women who sometimes disguised their gender for publication. Though they were often published in the local print shop, they have sometimes been ignored by musicologists since. Also featuring selections from the 19th-century music book of Justin Morrill’s sister-in-law, Louise Swan.
3:15-4:00pm: Music for the Generations, with Singer/Songwriter Jon Gailmor: Humor and audience involvement are front and center during this performance for children and families, led by Jon Gailmor—one of Vermont’s most dynamic singer/songwriters. This rollicking show features songs about growing, gardens and generations. From soil to seed and from childhood to harvest—Jon loves to share “Songs to make people feel alive!”

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